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Declaration of Trust

Declaration of Trust


A downloadable declaration of trust template document prepared by a qualified barrister at JSC Chambers

  • As part of our mission to provide affordable options for those who need a declaration of trust document, our qualified barristers have prepared this downloadable declaration of trust template. Our legal templates are an option for those who do not want to instruct a barrister to draft a declaration of trust legal document from scratch.

  • A Declaration of Trust document, also known as a Deed of Trust, is essential in the UK for legally establishing the ownership shares and interests in a property held by multiple parties.


    To meet UK legal requirements, the document must clearly outline the identities of the trustees and beneficiaries, the property in question, and the specific ownership shares each party holds. It should detail the responsibilities and rights of each party, including financial contributions and the division of proceeds upon sale. The declaration must be in writing and signed by all parties involved to be legally binding. It should also be witnessed and dated to ensure its validity.


    Including clauses on dispute resolution and the process for amending the agreement can further strengthen the Declaration of Trust document. Adhering to the requirements outlined here ensures clarity in property ownership, protects the interests of all parties, and provides a clear legal framework in the event of disputes.

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