Notable Cases:

Judicial review against Liverpool City Council regarding regulations against buskers (2012), SEE HERE

BMW Financial Services (GB) Ltd v Hart (2012); see HERE

Enterprise Insurance Plc v U Drive (Gibraltar) Solutions Ltd (2016); see HERE.

RE Barclay Entertainment Limited (2019), SEE HERE (obtained a winding up order against a company that was subject to a Company Voluntary Liquidation, against a strong presumption that the winding up petition should be dismissed due to the CVL).

Paula Walters v DWP (2019) SEE HERE  (My client, the Claimant was unsuccessful, but the case provides non-binding guidance that nationalism is likely to be a belief that is protected by the Equality Act 2010)

Robinson v Ramsbottom (2020) (A case heard by His Honour Judge Sephton QC, where Joseph Chiffers successfully represented a collector of rare tattooing artefacts.  Our client’s unique Christian Warlich sketchbook had been damaged by another collector).

Penny Lane Claims v Channon (2021) et al (Joseph Chiffers is successfully represented the Respondent in a High Court Appeal heard by Mr Justice Snowden.  The case was very similar to Manchester Shipping Ltd v Balfour Shipping Ltd & Anor [2020] EWHC 164, which had been heard shortly before –  SEE HERE)

Lodhia v Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police  (2022)- this case is pending at the time of writing.  The Claimant wishes to set a precedent that will use the Human Rights Act 1998 to regulate the use of the 'Released Under Investigation' scheme.  This scheme was introduced as a result of the 28 day time limit being placed on bailed suspects pursuant to the Policing and Crime Act 2007.  The RUI scheme has arguably resulted in substantial delays in offences being investigated.  A suspect who is subject to RUI has the prospect of a prosecution hanging over them, which will inevitably cause distress.   .     

What Our Clients Say:

"Joseph has been fantastic in assisting me in looking at the legal options available to my company when a client refused to pay for a service provided to them. He has been incredibly fast in replying to my emails and his legal letters that he has sent on behalf of my company have been extremely detailed and comprehensive. I am extremely grateful for his assistance." ~ VK Accountancy Ltd

"We use Joseph on a direct access basis. He is a real asset to our business and knowing we can use him at any time as necessary is peace of mind. He is courteous, knowledgable, fast to respond and a really nice guy. He really helps us through the complexities of Commercial Law." Cloud Enterprise Ltd

"Very approachable and accommodating. Joseph brings a clever thinking process to complex issues, offers excellent support and is unshakable under pressure. Despite facing a most formidable opponent (Mr Ben Hubble QC, "Head of 4 New Square Chambers") in the High Court, Joseph was successfully able to argue for an adjournment." ~ Udrive Solutions (Gibraltar) Ltd

"Joseph is an excellent lawyer and a person of considerable integrity." ~ Adam Heatherington

"Joseph Chiffers is an excellent lawyer who is helping my son and I through a difficult time. He is approachable, replies to queries quickly and explains complex matters in a way that can be easily understood." ~ David Kelly Senior

"I made the mistake of trying to deal with a civil litigation matter on my own which resulted in an adverse outcome. Joseph Chiffers got me out of this very difficult situation, demonstrating not only exceptional legal knowledge but courtesy and professionalism." ~ Gary Leigh