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Part 36 Offer Letter

Part 36 Offer Letter


A downloadable Part 36 offer letter document template prepared by a qualified barrister at JSC Chambers

  • As part of our mission to provide affordable options for those who need a Part 36 offer letter, our qualified barristers have prepared this downloadable document template. Our Part 36 offer letter template is an option for those who do not want to instruct a barrister to draft a Part 36 Offer document from scratch.

  • A Part 36 offer document in the UK is a formal proposal to settle a dispute, made under Part 36 of the Civil Procedure Rules. To meet legal requirements, the document must be clearly identified as a Part 36 offer and be in writing. It should specify the terms of the offer, including the amount proposed for settlement or the specific actions required.


    The document must state that it is intended to have the consequences of a Part 36 offer, ensuring the recipient understands its legal implications. It should provide a clear deadline, typically at least 21 days, within which the offer can be accepted without further court involvement. Additionally, the offer must include provisions for costs, outlining whether the offering party will cover the recipient's legal costs.


    Adhering to the requirements outlined here ensures the offer is valid and enforceable, encouraging fair and efficient settlement negotiations while providing cost protections for both parties.

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