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Updated: Jan 24, 2023

I wrote this article in 2019 on our old website. I am re-publishing it here, with a link to the excellent Tucker Carlson documentary on the declining testosterone levels of Western men:

In order to properly understand the recent reporting by the mainstream media on the Jason Mamoa ‘body shaming’ comments, one must look beyond the explicit messages, de construct them and look for an agenda.

Yes, Mamoa has a better than average physique even when shown in the recent photographs with less muscular definition than before (the contrast could also be attributable to factors such as fluid and/or food consumption, whether the abdominal muscles were flexed and the camera angle). Furthermore, he should not be criticised if he wishes to relax his diet and training regime for a short time. Yes, generally it is unkind and unwarranted to ridicule the physiques or indeed the appearance, of others. The aforementioned is so obvious that it is not worth saying.

It is unlikely that the mainstream media have reported on the comments about Mamoa, because there are ill informed and unfair; social media is full of ill informed and unfair comments. It is more likely that the mainstream media have chosen to report on the comments, because it suits their agenda. They have been promoting a so called ‘male body positivity’ movement for some time, purportedly to create a healthy perspective among men towards their bodies.

In fact, the healthy perspective to have on the male physique, is to identify an ideal, such as the physique of the younger Arnold Schwarzenegger. Very very few men will or even can, achieve such a physique. However, by having an ideal to strive for, all men can elevate themselves to the limits of their natural potential.

In striving to fulfil one's potential, one should accept that nature is inherently unequal and hierarchal and that this will be reflected in the male physique. There are poor, average, good and exceptional physiques. Whilst the assessment of a physique is subjective, it is grounded in objective factors, such as body fat and muscle mass, with positive perceptions of the same almost certainly having a biological basis.

The mainstream media want us to believe that no physique can be regarded as better than another. This is part of a left wing agenda to promote egalitarian dogma and male passivity. They do not seem to want men to strive to be as strong, muscular and lean as possible. This should be seen in the context of the exponential decline in testosterone in Western men, see HERE as an example. See also this important documentary

I do not claim to know the cause of this, much less claim to have proof of a conspiracy. Yet the fact that the issue is not being addressed or investigated by Western Governments, despite the connection between declining testosterone and adverse effects on health and well-being, gives one pause for the thought.

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